Company Profile


A Northamptonshire based IT Consultancy providing services including but not limited to: Unix/Linux Support & Administration and Database Support & Administration with experience in the banking/financial, aerospace, public sectors & academia sectors.

Experienced in administering and supporting multiple Operating Systems, Database Platforms, Physical Servers, Virtualization and Software Applications including but not limited to:

  • Unix/Linux Administration: RHEL/CentOS, Debian/Ubuntu, MacOS, IBM AIX, Solaris, HP UX
  • Database Administration: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL Server, SQLite, MongoDB
  • Virtualisation: VMWare ESXi/vCenter/vSphere, KVM/QEMU, Oracle VirtualBox
  • Software Applications: Ansible, Apache, Docker, Jenkins, Gerrit, Git, Jenkins, Jira, Subversion

Domain Re-Seller

We can also provide a selection of aged (some 20+ years) business generic domains owned by us for UK wide businesses and a selection of Northamptonshire based web domains for Northamptonshire based businesses looking for an appropriate domain or an additional apt domain for redirecting traffic to an existing web site or specific landing pages.

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Stock Photos & Video For Sale

We own and run a stock image & video platform - Spectrum Stock Photo (SSP) that provides various areas of photography including Northamptonhire based photographs & video. Although young, SSP endeavours to provide a platform for niche areas, especially servicing Northamptonshire. Media pricing is comparable to the long established mainstream stock image sites.

As with all stock image businesses, new images are added continuously and future purchase options may include a subscription based model.

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